The Ultimate Altar Call


At the end of a Holy Spirit-convicting Youth service, with the band playing in the background and leaders praying for the
Spirit to have His way, everyone is seated with their eyes opened facing the altar.

Those of you who gave your heart to the Lord at any time in your life before tonight…in Sunday School, at camp, in Kids’ Church, at a revival service, at home, by yourself, with your parents or grandparents…wherever, whenever…please walk down here to the altar and stand facing the congregation.

Praise God!! You are saved and going to Heaven because Jesus is your Savior!!

Now, out of those of you standing facing the congregation:  If you have learned that you are saved to serve the Lord, whether you knew that immediately upon giving your heart to the Lord, or at a later time God spoke to you about what He wants from you…

Praise the lord, you’re on fire for God!!

Jesus is the Lord of your life, you pray for His guidance, you read His Word, follow His commandments and ways, and He directs your path, you love Him with all your heart and are ready to be used by Him to reach lost souls. I want you to begin praising and worshiping Him, acknowledging His plan for your life, and ask Him to continue to lead you.

If you are standing facing the congregation, but after the initial time you gave your heart to the Lord, circumstances have caused you to pull away from Jesus, your first love, you’ve allowed your flesh to direct your path and you haven’t resisted the devil in your choices in life and he’s led you astray…I want you to turn, kneel down facing the altar and begin praying for a renewed mind that is set on Jesus and His plan for you, a changed heart, and new direction. He saved you to be a mighty worker in His Kingdom!  He has an awesome plan for you!!

If you are still at your seat, think about God’s love for you… it’s beyond all understanding!!  Look to Jesus for forgiveness of all your sins, feel your heavy burdens and how wonderful it will be when Jesus immediately comes to lift them and carry them away for you. Give Him your heart and He’ll give you His Joy.  If you want to be saved and have eternal life in Heaven…Jesus is the Way, ask Him to show you!

If this makes sense to you and is the desire of your heart, I want you to stand. He’s knocking at the door of your heart…just simply ask Him to come in and live in your heart, to take away your sins, cleanse you, and be your Lord and Savior!

If you are still seated, please remain seated with your eyes closed and tell God about your doubts in believing what He has planned for you.  Ask Him to show you how you can be close to Him and receive His Peace.  He won’t force Himself on you,  you may feel the gentle nudging of His Holy Spirit, but still it must be your decision.

Now, those of you kneeling, facing the altar…if you’ve received from God what you asked for…His power, His strength, His Joy to serve Him…then, stand and face the congregation with the others.  If you still need more time to pray, continue kneeling.

For those of you that are now standing, facing the congregation, it’s time for you to be used by God…YOU’RE READY!!!  God can and does use teenagers in His service!!  There is a ministry waiting for you. You are not too young!!  You will grow and mature as you serve! Start now to gain confidence in your place in the Kingdom of God to help others find the Lord!!

So now begin praying with someone who is kneeling by you, or go to someone standing at their seat who is ready to become a new child of God.


Along with our leaders, begin praying with others and for others!  Pray also for those who are still seated, that the Lord’s Holy Spirit will answer all their questions and satisfy all their doubts…that they will desire to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Then come stand in a circle at the altar, so we can pray for the Holy Spirit to empower teens with boldness and joy to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ everywhere they go!

This is the vision God gave me for our youth!

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