The Bible…Read It For Yourself!


Have you watched the mini-series on TV???

“In a “Feeling the Vibe” interview with Mark Burnett,

the producer of The Bible mini-series, he said,

‘…nobody, by the way, has suggested that The Bible (mini-series) wouldn’t work.

This is a nation built on the Bible… 

It says on the money,

‘In God We Trust.’

It may seem like in the media it’s very secular,

but this is a nation that is built on the Bible…” 

Read the entire interview at:

Or go to a Focus On The Family interview at:

“Produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice)

and his wife Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel),

the ten-hour presentation is a dramatic and ambitious project.

It’s also a labor of love for the Burnetts,

who began this endeavor with a noble and classically evangelistic goal:

to encourage people to read the Bible.

Let’s face it-

it takes some moxie to lift up the Bible in the middle of Hollywood.

In fact, when they first proposed the project

they were told to try and tell the story without mentioning Jesus.

They refused, rightly countering, of course,

that not only is it impossible to omit Jesus,

but that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus

is the climax of the entire book!

 …It’s always inspiring to be around people

who have a fervent desire to tell other people about Jesus.

And this couple is clearly passionate

about sharing the message of Jesus with the world

as well as having the opportunity to put on film

the greatest story ever told,

come what may from those who may object to it.

‘It’s our story,’ said Roma Downey,

‘We can identify and relate with the characters,

because their situations might be 2,000 years ago,

but the things that they’re feeling and experiencing,

the dynamics that are going on within their families,

it’s the same issues that we have today.

Human nature hasn’t changed that much.

The mistakes that the characters are making back then,

we’re still making those mistakes today.

Because it’s impossible to tell the entire story of the Bible

in just ten hours,

you might notice that some creative license has been taken from time to time.

For example, we know the Magi didn’t visit Jesus until He was approximately two-years-old,

but in the miniseries you’ll see them honoring the infant Jesus upon His birth.

In short, though, you should know the series never deviates from prevailing themes.

I believe the Bible is the inspired,

inerrant Word of God.

I believe we should treat the Scriptures with the utmost degree of care and respect.

I also know that some people object to any artistic rendering of Jesus

because of the limited nature of art

and the fact that Jesus has no limits.

But I also believe that we’re living in a dark day

when millions of people,

including our neighbors and even many of our family and friends,

refuse to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

Many of these same people refuse to go to church.

They refuse to open a Bible.

But many of these people watch television.

That The Bible may serve as a spark to rekindle or kindle their faith

should be a source of great excitement for all of us.

I hope people don’t lose sight of the big picture,

that this series is designed to turn people to Jesus

and to encourage them to dig deeper into their Bibles.'”

or at the Examiner:

“‘We are people of faith.

We are Christians,’

Burnett says.

‘And even though many people out there listening assume that nobody in Hollywood is a Christian

that would be a very wrong assumption.

Maybe the Christians in Hollywood are not as noisy as we probably should be,

but there are lots of Christians in Hollywood.

We’re hoping that through the series people will pick up their Bibles.

There’s a potential here for people maybe, that haven’t been expose to the Bible.”

We completely believe that Jesus is the Son of God….

Jesus is God.

And, we completely believe that

and that’s the story of the Bible.’

Finally, Burnett and Downey express that

while they can only do so much,

they are nevertheless blessed with an enormous opportunity

to share the story of God’s love for humanity

and to encourage others to seek God and read the Bible.

‘We cannot teach the Bible.

We’re not pastors.

We’re not theologians.

What we can do is tell the beautiful grand narrative love story

from Genesis to Revelation

and encourage people to go into churches

to have their knots untied

and seek more information about the Bible.'”


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