Listen to the Children


Love that first quote!! I remember when my son was around 5 years old..I was teaching full-time and writing my thesis for my master’s…I’d set him up with a video in the bedroom upstairs…and every so often, he’d come downstairs…give me a hug and say, “I love you, Mommy!” Concentration shot…but it was my cue to stop, listen, and love on him! I certainly paid off for me…God is good!!

mother of nine9

The biggest stumbling block to truly listening, especially to children, is our self-important business
Henri Nouwen SJ, Jesuit author, university prof,  complained to God about all the students who came to his office, interrupting his writing. God’s answer?

“I just gave you that book to write to keep you busy in between appointments;

 your real work is all those interruptions.”


No matter what our occupation, we tend to think that our work, our agenda is important. It is almost in our nature to let ambition and drive push other people to the fringes of our awareness while we toil in an isolated bubble of self-importance. There are many methods that can shake us out of this selfish obsession but for me as a mother, it was my children.

Mum, mum! Come see what I made!”

“Can you read me a book?”

“I tried and tried but it just won’t stay…

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