Act of Love-A Creation Perspective


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Our Lord is Perfect.

He also is Love.

He needs nothing as He is complete.

Love has no meaning unless it is shared.

To share Love, He created us.

Creation was perfect.

We were created in His image.

He is Spirit and so are we.

He is sovereign and so are we.

Sovereignty means we can make choices independently.

To make choices, there has to be options.

This is why Evil exists, so that we can choose.

Creation was perfect.

There were no seasons, only 300 days of equal length.

It never rained and earth was covered in cloud.

Animals did not fear man, as both were herbivores – Genesis teaches that even lions ate grass “given as meat unto them.”

Man was given choices and warned of the consequences of making the wrong ones.

Despite perfection to his avail, man chose Evil over Love.

Earth was cursed as the result.

We are reminded of this curse every 28 days.

There is decay and effort.

There is war and terror.

There is disease and disability.

There is disaster and turmoil.

There is litter and waste.

There is conviction and eternal suffering.

Man was evicted from Paradise.


The Word teaches that hell was never intended for humans but for Satan and his fallen angels.

Now, our Love has to see His beloved go to waste, go into the eternal pit of condemnation and torture.

He sent prophets and judges calling man to obedience, to return to the Father.

Man deliberately rejected His approaches.

He gave laws but man could not comply.

Laws were only given to prove to man his own inability, his own incapacity to obey. Laws were not to start a new religion.

Man either could not follow the laws or chose not to. The law proved man to be imperfect.

Man was lost.

Man needed redemption.

Man needed restitution.

Man needed restoration.

God proved to man that mankind could not save itself.

He then took the burden upon Himself, to liberate man from sin and death. Still, a selfless act of love.

He came to us as “the Son of Man”

He shed His blood, as life is therein, to redeem us.

He ended ritual sacrifice as He became the sacrifice.

He ended the law as He became the law.

He ended the Sabbath as He is the Sabbath.

We are now with Him forever, if we are reborn, as we have eternal life.

Eternal life is resting from sin, Jesus is our rest.

If we love Him, we will rest in Him.

If we love Him, His “law” will rule our hearts.

The Ten Commandments were perfected through the New Covenant.

Love your Lord with all your heart.

Love your neighbour like yourself.

Love will rule out murder and strife.

Love will rule out corruption and greed.

Love will rule out dissent and divorce.

Love will rule out partiality and bear unity.

Love will heal wounds and not wage war.

Love will never covet.

Love will not gossip or slander.

Love will not manipulate.

Love will overcome fear.

Through Love, Jesus Christ restored us to the legal status of innocent perfection prior to sin.

We are deemed to be perfect.

We have been liberated.

We have been set free.

Why do His children riot?

Why do His children go on strike?

Why on this earth do we not accept the Love that offers us Grace?

Why do we not accept our pardon?

Why do we torture and maim, be it in body or in spirit?

Let us accept His grace.

Let us return to Him in Love.

Let us Love Love.

As God is Love!

Out of Love, let us be led by His Spirit

Out of Love, let us obey His will

Out of Love, let us bring Him joy

Out of Love, let us draw others to Him

Out of Love, let us line the deep pockets of the death robe with jewels

Jewels like yourself

Jewels such as others like you

Let us go to Him

Let us embrace Him

Let us become one with Him

As He wants to be One with us!

Such is the need of Love

Complete Love.

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