Dearest Daughter


I love this!! I have a son and my prayers are so similar for him…that God would put His hedge of protection around him, wherever he goes and whoever he’s with…and keep it there! Amen!
My prayers are for my son to stay in the center of God’s perfect will for his life…where the true blessings are! Ahhh…the JOY that’s found there!

Great post!

The Flame Within


My Dearest Daughter,

I prayed for a daughter! Your three brothers prayed for a baby sister. Your daddy desired conformity over variety. Yet, the moment the doctor held you up and introduced you to the world, your daddy was smitten. Little girl, I want you to know, how truly loved you are! I want you to know how much your big brothers cherish you. You can’t appreciate it now, the way, your brothers look at you when you walk in the room all prettied up and ready for church, but girl they think you are the most precious and beautiful creation in this world. Why do I tell you this? You see, I sit back and observe girls trying so hard to find acceptance in this rotten world. I see the girls trading in their natural beauty, to be accepted by an over-sexualized society. Sweetie, if there is one thing…

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