Finding … “HIM”!


Beautiful. powerful poem!!

The Cosmos within me!

From the shade skies of thoughts, through the dark clouds of worry!

Through the mountains of uncertainty, From the sea of panic and scurry.

We journey everyday through all the turfs, and run for finding peace,

We go to seek peace in temples and churches, we never look inside us with ease.

We know many people for how they are!, But we fail to know a person closest to us.

He’s like eyelids  that protects the eyes, the only one to led us from all this fuss.

We search for him almost everywhere,in the shaded skies and deep in seas,

But wen we fail to find him and come back, we find him inside us resting in peace.


What to we do wen we are disturbed??

> We either go into silent place and resent OR

> We turn to God..

Have we ever tried to find answers ourselves…

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