On My Own !


Everything in God’s timing…enjoy what’s He’s given at the time…delight in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart! Amen!!

The Cosmos within me!

Living on my own like a jester or clown,

Making everyone happy even when I frown.

Giving them joy and place to resent,

Even when I’m lonely with sorrowful event.

I make myself fool for happiness of others,

To make them at ease but no one really bothers.

I look down with sorrow and no one to share beside,

Always on my own with tears that are dried.

Lost on faith to have someone,

Gaining my strength to travel all alone.

I looked up to me and a thought just sway,

How did I forget? that I was born this way!

With so much of strength and confidence inside,

Why was I sad? if no one’s by my side.

All by my self I have journeyed this far,

I have the potential that can heal my scars.

Living on my own has taught many things,

Made me stronger than rocks…

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