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    • Well, thank you!!! Love it! I’m going to use this as my drama team devotional today at practice!!! Good Word!!! Praying all is well with you & your ministries for the Kingdom of God!! Amen!!

    • Hey, thanks for checking!!! Yes, now that I teach two days a week, it seems like I always have things to do…then I’m too tired to blog!!! Also, my son got me on FB, which I love, but it’s time consuming, too! Ha! But, as far as ministries, I’m now part-time drama team pastor at another church, so while I’m off for the summer from teaching, I’m gearing up to start drama in the fall!!! God has been faithful…I feel very blessed & very excited for this open door of opportunity. I will be bringing 5 of my drama kids with me to the new church…& recruiting more there!! Praying all is well with you, too!!! Keep me posted!!! I will have time this summer to start the book I’ve been saying I’m going to write…started some chapters as blog drafts already! Pray for me!!!! God Bless!!!

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