Rainy Day Walk on the Golf Course!


7-26-15 Walk 0257-26-15 Walk 004

7-26-15 Walk 012

7-26-15 Walk 017

7-26-15 Walk 0237-26-15 Walk 0387-26-15 Walk 039

7-26-15 Walk 0497-26-15 Walk 0527-26-15 Walk 0777-26-15 Walk 0997-26-15 Walk 1227-26-15 Walk 1257-26-15 Walk 1277-26-15 Walk 1397-26-15 Walk 156

A nice, cool reprieve for all of us from our usual intense summer heat in Florida!!

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  1. Beautiful photography. 😊

    Just returned from Florida last week. The weather was mostly overcast, so wasn’t too hot. It’s beautiful there.

    Thanks for sharing your pix!

    • Thanks soooo much! We were just vacationing in Longboat Key…very sunny and hot, but beautiful to be right on the beach! Hoping to get some of those photos posted, too! Hope you’re well, my life has been busy, I just started a new part-time job at a new church as drama team pastor, so I’m excited and very blessed! It’s an answer to my prayers!! Also, started writing a book while we were on vacation!! Plus, school starts in two weeks!! God Bless!!

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